What is the Black
Teacher Fund?

The Black Teacher Fund is an Educate ME initiative to provide financial resources to aspiring and current black educators. The financial commitment is to remove entry barriers for individuals aspiring to become licensed educators and provide wrap-around retention support for those currently working in schools.

Fund Priority Categories

Housing Down Payment Assistance

Educate ME, partners with local community development corporations, affordable housing organizations, and financial institutions to assist educators with purchasing their first home!

Test Prep & Fee Assistance

Teacher licensing exam fees range from $120 - $180 per exam, and many candidates must take/pass multiple tests for licensure. Educate ME Foundation seeks to remove this financial barrier by providing free test prep and test vouchers.

Mental Health Therapy Sessions

Educate ME will provide teachers with wrap-around mental health support through collaboration with local mental health providers and partners.

Classroom Materials

The average teacher spends $450 of their own personal money to purchase classroom supplies. We provide teachers with financial assistance through classroom grants to have adequate materials to deliver high-quality instruction.

Frequently Asked Questions

We consider an eligible applicant black as being African American or from the African Diaspora.

Currently, our fund is open to applicants that work in Marion County, Indiana. If you live in surrounding counties, you are eligible for support but must work in a school district or charter school located in Marion County.

Yes, applicants can be eligible for multiple supports under the Black Teacher Fund; for example, you can take advantage of our home ownership initiative and our mental health support.

Yes, we have both our free teacher test prep and test vouchers for aspiring teachers.

No, our Black Teacher fund is open to aspiring teachers, current school support staff, counselors, and school administrators.


Thanks to our dedicated funders that are supporting us in our efforts to provide financial resources to aspiring and current black educators.


Thanks to our dedicated partners that are supporting us in our efforts to provide resources to aspiring and current black educators.